Hemp Oil does NOT cure CANCER !!!

Calender-months-passingIt has been some time since my last post.  Why?… Because I have been very busy experimenting with an alternate treatment and documenting the whole process with the hope that the next post I had envisioned posting would be a post exclaiming how Hemp Oil had miraculously cured me of my Lymphoma!


Instead here I sit on St. Patty’s day

IMG_3789(Yeah, I dressed up for the occasion 🙂) receiving yet another new chemo drug of which I will need 7 rounds of chemo doses.

offthegrid2As I declared in an earlier post, I was going “off the grid” so to speak (see that post here ) with conventional chemo treatments and was going to obtain what has come to be known as RSO or Rick Simpson’s hemp oil any way I could and try treating myself based on his protocol and internet testimonials of people that had used the oil and claimed that they were cured.  So now I wanted to post the real truth of the results of my own treatment and what I discovered using hemp oil as a sole treatment for my cancer.

Of course this treatment did not work for me and I feel it important to provide the truth to everyone that thinks this is the be all end all for treating cancer because IT IS NOT!

I will say that there were some interesting results which I would like to relay to anyone thinking of using Hemp Oil to try to cure their cancer and I am in no way suggesting that other forms of cancer could not be helped with Hemp oil, more research and testing will need to be done to reveal that.

In this post, I will not go into great detail of the entire process because first it would be far too many pages and might chase you away or bore you to tears.  I will save that for a special report which I will make available to anyone for free that signs up on my email list. special reportThe report will go into great detail from beginning to end of the entire process but for the sake of this post, suffice it to say that I did grow the very special strain of marijuana needed that had a high CBC/THC content, and how I processed it into a high quality oil, what doses I took and what the results were. If you want to read the entire process then please sign up to my email list on this page, I promise not to bombard you with emails mainly because I hate when sites do that and if you’re like me, I get way too many emails as it is.


October 8th 2014

First let me explain that when my disease returned, it was evidenced by a rather large bump on the side of my head right behind my ear as you can see in this photo. as that bump grew, it was later confirmed through a biopsy to be a tumor caused by the lymphoma. Because of its location, I thought that this would be a perfect gauge to see if the hemp oil treatment would work or not. My theory was that if it worked, I should see this tumor shrink in size over time which would confirm that the oil was working to kill the cancer cells.

Rick-SimpsonI followed the exact procedures described by Rick Simpson on his websites “phoenixtears.com” and took the recommended slow increases of doses of hemp oil as his protocol stated but it just didn’t do anything to stop the continued growth of the tumor as you can see here in these progression photos below. In theory, if the oil was working I should have seen this tumor reduce in size but as you can see it did not shrink but rather grew very large. A CT scan confirmed my suspicions and that is why I came to the conclusion that Hemp Oil does NOT cure CANCER and again I had to seek traditional treatments.


Novmber 12th 2014


December 2nd 2014


January 6th 2015






Now I’m sure I will get a lot of email and comments of how wonderful Hemp oil is, how it has cured them of their cancer and that I must have done something wrong!  Not the case as I took great care to be very scientific in my approach and did everything I could to be certain that I did it right and that the oil was of a good quality and even took the additional step to test the oil to be sure that the THC/CBC ratio was correct.IMG_3447 The bottom line is that it may kill cancer cells of other types other than what I have, but it DOES NOT KILL B-Cell Follicular Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma cancer cells, period!

Discouraging results to say the least but I do see some real benefits though and I would not rule out continued use myself.

I do believe it may help others with different cancers than I have or at the very least help with the side effects of chemo. For example, anyone with seizure issues or skin cancers, I can clearly see a benefit for these patients. I am also still convinced that we should continue to push forward in all efforts to take this plant off the federal schedule one drug list as there are far too many good benefits that far outweigh any bad of which I could find none at all, and once and for all, this is NOT a gateway drug, it is NOT addictive and I find NO bad side effects whatsoever.

Crazy Things People Do With Roller Coasters 1For those who have never been high, I can only describe it as like taking  a roller-coaster ride for the first time, you get on excited with anticipation not knowing what to expect, you ride the ride and experience the terror, the excitement and the fun and when it’s over, you get off the ride having experienced an exciting ride with no long lasting effect and if you liked it, you can go on as many times as you want with no physical harm whatsoever. But as far as curing Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, it did not work for me and I doubt it will work for anyone else with the same disease. More testing will need to be done but currently that research is crippled because of the THC content being on the DEA’s schedule one drug list.

On the plus side of using hemp oil I did discover a couple real benefits and made some observations. First of all, let me explain that contrary to what you may have read, it does make you high and the quality of the oil I made was very good so I got very high, so high trees-stoned-stoner-lin fact that I got a little paranoid and thought this was too much to handle but over time and as I got used to the feeling, these thoughts of paranoia went away. I also quickly discovered that there was no way I could take it during the day and function normally so I had to take it at bed time so that in the morning I could go to work as normal. The effects lasted about four to six hours so if I took it no later than 10:00pm I would be fine in the morning with no side effects.

One of the good effects I did find is that as a person that snores like a man sawing logs when sleeping, I did not snore at all the whole night which was a great relieve to my sleeping partner and her ability to sleep. In the morning I felt fine, awake and alive, clear headed and my sinus were clear and I could breathe deeply.

dream2I also experience some very profound and realistic dreams of various types, some spiritual, some sexual and some that felt as though my mind was expanding. In some dreams, I felt the presents of other beings that I felt were angelic in nature and were there to observe me but they did not try to communicate with me. In one instance I heard a very vocal voice in my head say in a very loud cry, “Nooooo” and fade as if whoever said it was falling away from me because the voice faded into the distance, I have no idea what meaning this may have had but it was as real as any voice I have heard spoken. Now I have heard of people on drugs hearing voices in their head but I have never experienced this ever until now. It was truly a vocal voice, it was loud enough to wake me up with a jolt as if a person had screamed it right at my ear when they said it but it was inside my head like I would imagine telepathy would be.

Another benefit I noticed is that when I put the oil on small dark spots on my skin, the spots slowly disappeared. This leads me to believe that hemp oil would be a good treatment for skin cancers or other skin related issues. Some other benefits I experienced were increased appetite 3download(I know nothing new right?) which would be a big benefit to cancer patients that had no appetite from chemo treatments and were not eating enough to keep up their strength. For those people that have insomnia this could be a perfect cure for that as I experienced a very deep sleep with no interruptions.

One of the most important benefits I discovered is that it is a wonderful stress reliever, if Ino stress had a very stressful day, my mind was completely relaxed and the stress totally disappeared after taking a dose. It has been shown in many research papers that stress may be a major genetic trigger which starts the cell mutation process that is cancer in the first place so any non prescription drug that is not addictive, natural and has no ill side effects that relieves stress is okay in my book.

In conclusion, I am sad that all the hype on TV, magazines and priapismon the internet is just not true when it comes to hemp oils ability to kill cancer cells and I am glad to have done this experiment so as to know once and for all the truth and not rely on internet hype and false hopes. It is sad to say but when you have an incurable form of cancer, Hope for a cure is a juicy carrot that dangles in front of every cancer patient that is difficult to ignore.



March 18th 2015

Oh.. an for anyone who is wondering… the chemo treatment I am receiving now is working great and after only two doses, here is what my head looks like now… TUMOR GONE !


April 8th 2015


Thanks for reading and please leave your comments!

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