Fund Raising

It is my belief that 100% of all donations need to go to help those that need treatment but can not afford it.

It is also my belief that 100% of the funds collected for any fund raising event excluding the actual cost to sponsor the event, should go to those that need the help. Never will any individual (including myself) profit from any fund raising event sponsored by this site. It is also the hope of this promoter, that all cost services would be donated so that 100% of the funds raised by the event can go to help those in desperate need of these funds and to ensure that ALL of these donated funds get into the hands of the cancer patients or their treatment facilities.

In the future, this page will be developed to promote fund raising events and accept donations to help verifiable diagnosed cancer patients who need treatment receive the funds they need. A full and transparent accounting of all funds collected and distributed will be displayed on this page for all to see.

One question I am asked often is…how I make my money! The short answer is not from this site or any of the funds donated or fund raisers promoted by this site.

To be more specific… I am a full time Realtor which is where the bulk of my income comes from (click here to read my story) None of any funds donated to this site will go towards the cost of running this site

To make a donation please click here

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