Outside the Box

Treatments that are Outside the Box

The following treatments are not endorsed by the FDA without doing more clinical trials and study of their alleged success. But none the less, there results are compelling and can not, and must not be ruled out as an option for fighting the enemy. Should you chose to pursue any of these treatments, be sure to study, learn, ask questions, understand the risks vs the rewards and also discuss these alternate non proven treatments with your Oncologist.

This video below is very interesting, it is 1 hour 48 min. long but well worth the time to watch. Dr. Burzynski uses gene treatment to fight cancer. Dr. Burzynski discovered that a persons genes can determine if they will get cancer or not and he has developed Antineoplastons treatment which turns on genes that fight cancer cells and turns off genes that allow cancer to grow and flourish all with no ill side effects.

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