April 2014

April 2014


I can confirm that my disease has indeed come back. The lymph nodes on my neck are swelling up, a sure sign that the attack is under way.

I Did my research on what to do next (see what I’m Talking about here ) and have decided on a course of action. I have decided to try a very unconventional treatment that is outside the main stream that my oncologist would recommend but after much research and soul searching, it is what I will try! What is it?

Hemp oil…

ahhhh.. Hold up… Have you lost your mind you say? LOL

Before you judge too quickly read my blog post (here ) on the subject first.

In my opinion there is enough science theory and credible testimonials to make the decision to give this a try a no brainer, also the health risks are pretty low. The legal risks on the other hand are very high (no pun intended ) but my feeling is that my health and well being trumps any other risk legal or otherwise so I have given it the green light! besides getting high is neither the goal or much of a concern as the low THC levels in the oil will not have the same effect as it would if you smoked street herb.

The next step is to talk to my oncologist… ugh, I can hear him now.. ” It is illegal and besides that will never work and I have better alternatives than that! ”  But it is my body and my risk and it can’t hurt me so regardless of what he say’s I should do, I’m going to try it.

I feel it is important to let him know what I am doing because I will document very closely what happens and get periodic scans and blood work to see the effects of the treatment. If it works, then we will know. If it doesn’t, we will know that too. But if it does work then others could be treated too under his supervision.

The state of Florida will be voting whether to legalize “medical marijuana” in November of this year and it is my feeling that it will pass so if this treatment does work, It will help others in their decision on what treatment options they have to try.

At this point I will map out a complete regiment which will include, treatment dosage as well as Diet and Exercise and will track all results. I will have to learn how to grow healthy and happy herb and produce the medicine myself.

Step one.. Find the most beneficial strain of medicinal herb seeds that have the highest CBD to THC ratio.

I will post a complete journal of this course I have chosen for the benefit of all

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