August 6th 2013

Chemo Today Canceledblood

Today I was scheduled for week 1 of my 3 week cycle of treatment. This would start my 4th cycle of this new drug. Yesterday I went for Blood tests and they drew different vile’s of blood, each vile is sent off to check for specific items in the blood. When I showed up for my scheduled treatment I was told that my pancreas enzymes were just over the safe limit. A known side affect of the drug so this treatment would be skipped and the cycle would continue in a week.

Great news!

I received the results of the CT scans I took on August 1st and the results were GREAT! The enemy is in full retreat! M1910915400T

Tumors shrank 34% !! all other organs and lymph nodes are stable. This news just confirms that I made the right decision to have faith in what these researchers are doing. The experimental drug is doing it’s job.. The enemy is heading for the hills 🙂

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