February 2014

February 2014

Well… It’s official !

I am out of the clinical trial that I have been in since April of 2013. The Clinical Trial Protocol rules say that if any patient on this trial has a recurrence of the disease then all treatment must stop and the patient is withdrawn from the trial.

Since my last CT scan showed one of my lymph nodes in my groin area increase in size and a subsequent needle biopsy showed the beginning signs of malignant cells in that lymph node, the conclusion is that the enemy is back! the cancer has found a way to adapt and change to attack again.

So now what ???

For now I am in a general “watch and see what happens” mode but I know the clock is ticking and in 4 to 6 months I will need treatment again.

I have been researching new successes with other blood cancers that have been successful and are on the cutting edge of treatment. These new treatment are genetic in nature and involve taking a cancer patients own T-Cells, (the cells that are suppose to seek out defective cells and kill them) and genetically alter them and then put them back into the patients body where they now can recognize the cancerous cells and attack and kill them. It is in a sense a reprogramming of the T-Cells.

I firmly believe that this is correct path of research for the future cure for many if not all cancers. There are currently no clinical trials for lymphoma in this line of research so I will try to create one with the researchers at the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania who are having success in this research with leukemia patients.

For more info on this amazing breakthrough, visit my Featured Story for March 2014

My spirits are high.. My resolve to beat this enemy is unshaken… For now I will rest, rearm myself and live on to FIGHT BACK another day !!!

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