May 2014

May 2014

If you read my progress report for April 2014 you know that I plan on taking a very unorthodox treatment for myself. I have decide to take matters into my own hands.

I have done the research, read the reports, read all the testimonials from professionals and patients, tested the science and when they say “do the math”, well, I have done just that and I feel I have come up with a treatment protocol that should do what traditional treatments would do and hopefully better with the ultimate goal of what I am told is impossible. A CURE of the INCURABLE! We will see!

The month of May will be spent gathering materials needed, building devices, doing research, documenting results and preparing for the treatment. The following is a basic outline of how I will treat myself.

My treatment will consist of a three part approach which will be administered simultaneously. The first will be twice a day highly energized Ozone therapy in two forms, liquid and gas. The second will be, three times a day, doses of a very special hybrid strain of high grade medical marijuana hemp oil. Last but not least will be proper diet and vigorous exercise.


Why ozone?

well research has shown me that ozone is a natural form of disinfectant, virus killer and echo-friendly sanitizer. In the body it can stimulate the immune system to wake up and work in a heightened state to go after viruses, infections and threats of any kind. Also, high levels of ozone in the blood interact with cancer cells and produce Hydrogen Peroxide which has been proven to cause tumor cells to self destruct. Along with high doses of vitamin “C” to cause oxidation in the blood, this will be a one two punch that should cause my tumors to shrink, so for the first part of my planed treatment I would need to build an Ozone Generator capable of creating a large amount of high quality Ozone treated water to drink twice a day.

At this point I am happy to announce that I have built such a device to create the OZ-water which you can see in the video above. I am calling this device the “CKOZ Generator” (see-koz-generator ) which stands for ” Cancer Killing Ozone Generator” It is very different from any ozone generator you could buy commercially. Anyway, it is a complete system to produce highly concentrated high grade OZ-water and I have begun drinking 20 ounces of this CKOZ created OZ-water twice a day.

Part-2 — HEMP OIL:

Why hemp oil?

If you do the research you will find that the correct balance of THC and CBD in select hybrid strains of medical marijuana have been very effective in reversing tumor growth and keeping the immune system working well. ( see more about that here )I have chosen a very special strain that should produce a very high grade of oil that I will take daily in graduated doses for a 6 month period. Since medical marijuana is still illegal in my state at this present date, I will not divulge how I will get this high grade oil but suffice it to say that I will get it in the coming months.

Part-3 — DIET and EXERCISE:

My diet will consist of portion controlled low calorie fruits and vegetables, and all foods known to be healthy and that help fight cancer. Visits to the gym three times a week for a 2 hour cardio and weight training workout.

So that is the plan.

Visit “My Treatment” page to see a more detailed description of my treatment. I will document all doses, procedures, effects,and results good, bad, or otherwise in a log book. I will schedule regular oncologist visits along with CT scans to see the results and post them on this “My Progress” section of this site.

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