November 12th 2013

November 12th 2013


Treatment #3 in Cycle #7

Last treatment for this cycle.

Once again things go smooth as silk just like last week. Blood sugar and blood pressure are both within the acceptable range for treatment

Next week I am scheduled for CT scans and Mugga Scan to see my progress. I am always excited but nervous about these tests because they really tell the tale as to how well the treatments are working.

I think it’s important to note here that in addition to these treatments, I watch my diet carefully, I drink green tea, eat almonds, add turmeric to my coffee each morning, research and eat all the cancer fighting foods I can, work out regularly, avoid process sugar, fats, processed breads, etc.

I meditate, listen to binural beats to clean and realign the chachra energy points of my body, pray to my god thanking him every day for the gift of life and keep a positive attitude. It is my firm belief that the combination of all these battle fronts, physical and spiritual, are what keeps the enemy in retreat.


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