October 1st 2013

October 1st 2013

Today I start Round #7 of treatment. same schedule as previous rounds.

My cold is finally gone and I feel normal again. able to go to the gym three days a week again. They take 8 test tubes of blood to do a complete check of all my blood chemical levels then after they are checked in the lab and are found to be A OKAY so I am cleared to receive my first infusion of this round #7 and am hooked up. The infusion room is packed today and there is no place to sit so I have to wait for a chair to open up. I wait about an hour and finally get to sit down, another 30 minutes before they can start the drip and 2 hours for the drip. Today I am here almost 5 hours but other than all that, the infusion go’s without a hitch and I feel good after.

The CT Scan results are in and I am a little bummed out. No changes from the last scan which is a good result but I was expecting a little better result. I feel like the forces battling in my body are fighting a bloody battle but neither side is getting the upper hand right now. I discuss the results with my oncologist and he is quite pleased with the results. Due to pancreas enzyme levels being elevated to a danger level in the past blood tests, the drug company doing this clinical trial decided to reduce the dosages I will receive for now to keep these enzyme levels down and prevent possible pancreatic failure. I am now at the lowest dosage allowed by the trial. I started at the highest dosage allowed by the trial protocol and saw tremendous shrinkage of tumors so I wonder if the reduced dosage is causing a less effective result. We will have to wait until the next CT scan to figure out what to do next.

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