October 2014

If you have not read my post “My cancer treatments failed , So Now what” I urge you to do so before you go any farther on this page.

In that post I explain that all my previous treatments have failed to kill the enemy within me and at best just bought me time by beating back the enemy. But now the enemy had regrouped and is on the attack again. At the end of that post I described how I had chosen an unconventional treatment. I decided to use myself as a guinea pig and find out for myself if Hemp Oil really can kill or cripple or even has any effect on my Cancer at all.

On this page I will list links to pages that will document this course of treatment I have chosen so that you can tag along with me an together we can see if this works or is just BS. I will post pictures and comments in the future posts

Below are links to the 4 month process of getting the Hemp Oil ready for this Treatment Experiment.

Choosing “The Right Stuff”

Growing the girls

Harvest Time

Making the medicine

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