September 27th 2013

September 27th 2013

CT Scan today!

A little nervous today cause I know this will tell the tail on how well this new experimental drug is working to fight back my cancer. Still have my cold I’ve had for the 4th week now but it is much better so I think it is finally going away.

The CT Technician has a full schedule today and seems to be flustered and under pressure. He has to put a chemical into my blood they call contrast so that they can see a contrast in the images and get a better view of the progress. The Technician being in a hurry sticks me with the contrast needle and can’t find a vein and keeps stabbing and stabbing and finally gives up with that vein and try’s another area of my arm where he finally finds a suitable vein. Now when you have cancer you better get use to being stuck with needles cause you will get stuck A LOT and you will learn to relax and not tense up but this this time it hurt. The area where he tried and tried is now swollen and I can tell it will be black and blue by tonight. I will not let this Technic ever do my CT scan again!


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