September 4th 2013

September 4th 2013

Today begin’s cycle #6. After taking my blood samples yesterday and getting the results I find out that all my blood chemical balances are all within the normal range. My uric acid is normal… My MUGA scan results on the test I took on Friday showed no significant problem with my heart pumping blood volume. Everything is a go for treatment!

This infusion will be treatment number one of three, each week for three weeks then I will skip a week, get another CT scan to see the progress then start all over again.

Today the infusion room is packed, there are patients in every chair and people waiting for a place to sit to start treatment. I wonder if it is just because yesterday was labor day holiday or if the enemy is winning! In speaking with one of the long time technicians I ask the question “how many patients does this firm have now? now to put this in perspective, they have 4¬†offices and four oncologists as part of the group. They have been in the area for more than 15 years. She thinks for a moment and tells me the number. I am shocked at the amount she tells me. “over 60,000 patients” WOW! I am floored!

I wonder who is winning this war?

Are we winning this war or is the enemy is winning?

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