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Here are videos of songs, encouraging words, poems, sayings and prayers that inspire us to keep fighting, to keep our heads high, to move forward when we just can’t. Visit this page when you are feeling down or feel like giving up to get the inspiration and lift your spirits.

If you have any inspiring words, songs, prayers, please share them with me at the bottom so I can post them for all to be inspired by.


Three-year-old Emily James’ favorite princess is Rapunzel. Born with a full head of golden brown hair, which continued to grow and grow, Emily loved her locks as much as she loves sparkly dresses and all things girly.

But in a recent video that has gone viral, Emily shows her real princess powers of compassion and kindness. With encouragement from her parents, Emily decided to cut her hair and donate it to those in need — children who lose their hair to cancer.

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This music video made by Megan Kowalewski which features the song ” Stronger” by  Kelly Clarkson. The video is an inspiring video about Megan’s refusal to give in and inspires all cancer patients to fight back in their cancer battle. She has had a recent Stem Cell transplant which so far has been a success!

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Meet Zach Zeiler… Diagnosed with cancer as a young teen, see his dramatic time laps video of his fight back transformation into a lean healthy bodybuilder!


This song sung by Martina McBride is about a 38-year-old woman who is supported by her husband while battling breast cancer. Co-writer Sonya Isaacs’ inspiration for the song was her mother, Lily, who is a breast cancer survivor



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  1. Hello there! This post keeps me motivated to fight on!!
    Reading through this reminds me of my previous room mate, he had cancer too and was always an inspiration to me!
    He always kept chatting about this and how he would one day be cancer free. I will forward this website to him.
    Fairly certain he will enjoy it. Many thanks for sharing!

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