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Your Stories

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  1. When my doctor called with the biopsy results it was a shock.I knew it was possible but hearing the words that I had lymphoma still stunned me.I start treatment Feb.11,2014 and am nervous.I have a lot of support from family and friends but still have these feelings of being alone.I think I am trying so hard to be positive in front of everyone that I haven’t let it truly sink in that at least for a while my life will be different.I am determined to beat this and will have to face whatever comes.

  2. labor day weekend i was in the shower as i shoiwer everyday out of no were a ping pong size lump was there in my left breast.i rememeber thinking what in the world. A immediate docters appt on tuesday d/t the holiday docter wasnt concerned thank god!!!! told me probably a cyst come back in twoi weeks okay im feeling good so im a nurse thought its noithing to worry about i didnt go back for four weeks my mistake!!! will never forgewt the look on my docters face when she said u need a mamaogram today!!! i listened got in right away and not prpared at all for what i was about to hear . After mamogRAM DOCTER CAME IN AND SAID WE WILL DO biopsy but i will tell u we are looking at a cancer. And there it began a whirlwind of appointments information . I am 42 the mom of four a nurse who works night shift and now a breast cancer paitient.

  3. I am a 58 year-old man who was diagnosed with multiple myeloma a little over 1 1/2 years ago. Since then I have received chemo, radiation, multiple bone marrow aspirations and two stem cell transplants. Now I have the return of light chains as well as monoclonal IgG and IgM protein spikes. To add to my disease process I have had a significantly complicated course of treatment. I don’t know if anyone else has any similar experiences, but I would enjoy talking with them about things.
    Sincerely, Greg

  4. My cancer srated in my colon and went to my liver, it isn’t operable so far I have cheo every month since august 2011 . I am so tried of people hang in there it will get better,I could just scream. They just don’t knowhat it feels like to struggle everyday to get out of bed. I have donated my body to science (whole body) for medical purposes may be some one does have to go though with it. I also have polio and reuhamatic heart plus high bloold . Please forgive my spelling with love faith and hope

    • From the moment I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer I had an outrageously much needed support system. So much of my support was surprising to me and I am most thankful them all. When I was able to start doing for myself again and found that a friend had gotten a diagnosis of cancer and was starting chemo I stepped up offering to take her to her first chemo session as one did this for me. I knew she was as scared as I was for my first session. From that point on I made sure anytime she was having her infusion I would arrive early for my infusion and stopped by and chatted with her and her husband being honest about any questions she would ask about side effect or whatever she needed to know. I felt that doing this is the very least I could do to give back for all the support I got.

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